Debut solo album 'Better' drops 12.02.2021 with full lyrics, melodies, guitar, hooks and fills.

Rough instrumental demos (Better: Early Instrumental Demos 1) available to stream now on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Prime Music, Tidal and all other major streaming services. Album also available to buy below.



Introducing Ariane X

Ariane X is the stage name of Ariane Sherine, an electronic singer-songwriter. Her influences include Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Massive Attack, Tricky, Goldfrapp, Portishead, Garbage and Saint Etienne. 

Her debut solo pop album 'Better' drops 12.02.2021. It is addressed to her nine-year-old daughter (who won't be allowed to listen to it until older) and is about Ariane's violent childhood, mental illness and suicidal ideation - but also the happiness she experiences through being a mother.



London, UK

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